Facilities & Research Policy: Building Space

CHAIR REASSIGNS DEPARTMENT SPACE when necessary to meet changing needs; this statement of policy represents general guidelines proposed by the faculty to facilitate timely reassignments and equitable use.

ROOM ASSIGNMENTS will not be changed between the broad categories of teaching, research, and support services without thorough review.

FACULTY OFFICES AND RESEARCH SPACE: Assignments will be changed only by the Space Committee.

SPACE SIZE is a flexible quantity determined by the number of assigned personnel. If a research group diminishes in size, the department administration is obliged to reassign individual spaces, except reserved faculty space, on an "as required" basis. Assignments of space units in a multi person lab may be split between two research groups.

RESEARCH SPACE: Each research group will be authorized research space on the basis of:

  1. Number of Graduate Students
  2. Research Associates
  3. Technical Employees
  4. Grant-Supported Secretaries

INSTALLATION OF RESEARCH EQUIPMENT of permanent or long-range nature is to be made only after consultation with the Chair, to optimize location in view of total departmental needs. Such equipment will not be removed unnecessarily, but relocation may have to be considered by the Chair in the event of significant changes in faculty, changes in research interests, changes in research group size, cessation of research using equipment occupying a large amount of space, or other changes affecting a significant aspect of department operation.

RELOCATION OF RESEARCH EQUIPMENT for the purpose of reassignment will be at the expense of the department. Storage costs of group equipment will be at the expense of the group.

ROUTINE ASSIGNMENT OF ROOMS may require transfer of non permanent equipment. The fact that equipment is attached to a water line or other utility does not necessarily render it permanent.