Data Processing

Processing of UW Chemistry NMR Data

 (STF) funded Software

  • MNOVA    We are happy to provide the popular and cutting edge NMR processing software MestreNova (more popularly, MNova), thanks to the generous funding obtained from the Student Technology Fee resource of UW. All affiliated UW members with a primary UWNetid login credential can download the license files from this link :  MNova License Files
      • MS Windows:  Download the compressed archive of the software by clicking here.  Double click on the downloaded bundle and follow the instructions to complete setup.  Start MNova and drag and drop the License Files anywhere within the MNova window.  (Note : You have to restart MNova for the License Files to take effect)
      • MAC : You can download the .dmg bundle by clicking here.  Proceed with the usual steps of installing a .dmg archive, start MNova software and then drag and drop the License files into the application.  (Remember to restart MNOVA for license files to take effect)
      • RedHat Linux:  For platforms that use RPM based repositories (RedHat style), you download the correct RPM by clicking here.
      • Ubuntu flavor systems (Debian style) :  click here for the DEB file.
    • Bundled in this version, you can also enjoy the  versatile  quantNMR  (qNMR) and reaction monitoring modules that work tightly integrated with the base MNova software.
    • To activate the license, you must either be connected to the network on campus, or via the Husky OnNet VPN.  Once activated, it only needs to check in every 90 days.


Here are links to a few free NMR processing software that are popular. At least one of them is hosted here for download:

  • SpinWorks This is a software developed by Kirk Marat from University of Manitoba. SpinWorks is freely available for download and works on Wndows based computers. The author comments that some people have successfully tried it with Wine to run on Linux platforms and with SoftWindows on Mac as well. The NMR Facility could successfully run SpinWorks from Windows hosted by a Linux machine via VMWare. You can download the Zip archive of SpinWorks from the link above.
  • NMRPipe This is a nice software that is an outgrowth of dedicated effort by Frank Delaglio of NIH (part of his graduate work) and what more it is free ! Nevertheless, this runs only on a Unix or Unix-like operating system (including Linux) and probably more suited to do 2D and 3D NMR data than a routine 1D spectrum processing. It requires working knowledge with UNIX.
  • matNMR 3 This software was developed by Jacco van Beek, and published in J. Magn. Res. It is a toolbox for processing 1D and 2D NMR spectra under MATLAB, and is free. It has been tested under Solaris and MS Windows 95. Additionally, it works on MacOS 7.5 and 8.0), and on Windows NT.
  • iNMR is a software available on Mac or Windows you can download in demo mode for use of select features with no expiration. You can upgrade to a commercial product from Mestrelab for full use, and all future versions.
  • NEW ! Free Topspin processing software - available for download here: Topspin for Data Stations

Commercial Software

. But here are some links you can explore and buy the software if found suitable for your own use.

  • ACDNMR A 1D and 2D processing version is available in this suite. Interface is user friendly and can read many NMR fid formats including Bruker's.
  • MNOVA from Mestrelab Research has more than one flavor of this software available for purchase along with special modules tailored to unique needs, such as spectral simulation, NMR quantitation, to name a few.  We have a site license for this software, freely available to all members of the campus community.
  • Topspin This is the proprietary software of Bruker-Biospin which makes it rather seamless to use for data collected in our facility. Though you have to pay for commercial use, Bruker offers a completely free academic version with full functionalities.  Currently available version is Topspin 4.2.0 (Caveat: data collected on older generation hardware may not work fully well with the Topspin 4.x family.  It is advisable that you use Topspin 3.2 or earlier versions for such data sets).