The DRX-200 is recently upgraded using a refurbished DRX console, which is one generation newer than the retired DPX console. This instrument is usually reserved for exclusive access of Chemistry Teaching Lab courses that rely on hands-on introduction to FT-NMR for undergraduate students. But it can also be engaged by regular users when free time is available. The Bruker DRX instrument at a glance :

  • Spectrospin 4.7 T superconducting magnet
  • Topspin 1.3 software running on CentOS 7 Linux computer
  • 2 channel operation, with one channel being fixed at 1H.
  • BVT-3300 Eurotherm VT Controller with Type -T Cu-Cnst. thermocouple (Range :  +25 C to +65 C)
  • BACS 120-position sample changer
  • Uses IconNMR extensively to exploit the Automatic Sample Changer (BACS 120) fully.


  • multinuclear 1H-X (15N–31P)