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An NMR 2-bay console with the words AVANCE III 500 written along the right is forefront. A computer workstation is to the left and a large stainless steel magnet is behind it, framed by large windows.

The GG500 is located in Bagley 37, as one of the walk-on low field NMR instruments in the facility.  The Avance III console is paired with an Oxford 500 superconducting magnet.  This spectrometer sports a user friendly 'Point and Click' IconNMR interface that makes the use of the system a breeze.  This increases throughput and affords optimal use of this wonderful resource.


  • Bruker AVANCE III console
  • 1H Frequency: 499.65 MHz
  • VT range: −80°C to +70°C
    • Restrictions: Please see a facility manager for experiment below 0℃. Up to 12 hrs. at max temperature allowed.
  •  Topshim gradient assisted shimming for all samples.
  • Software: Runs on TOPSPIN 3.6.5 and ICONNMR 5.0

Currently installed Probehead

Please see reservation page for installed probe

Other probeheads available:

  • Bruker triple resonance TBI : 1H {13C, X}  with Z-gradient
  • Bruker triple resonance TXO : 13C {1H, 19F} with Z-gradient
  • Bruker triple resonance HCP : 1H { 13C, 31P } with Z-gradient
  • Bruker triple resonance HCN : 1H{ 13C, 15N } with Z-gradient
Date Performed By Probe 1H lineshape on
3% CHCl3 in Acetone-d6
1H lineshape on
3% CHCl3 in Acetone-d6
1H signal-to-noise
on 0.1% Ethylbenzene in CDCl3
13C  signal-to-noise on
40% p-Dioxane in C6D6
(ASTM std)
2023-Sept-07 AMR iProbe .11% : 0.46
.55% : 30.3
50% : 63.6
.11% : 0.70
.55% : 37.6
50% :123.7
452.75 134.19