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GG500 is the newest addition to the walk-on Workhorse instruments.  This console is of the latest technology among all the walk-on low field NMR instruments in the facility i.e.  Bagley 37.   The instrument is paired with an excellent Oxford 500 superconducting magnet with an industry standard vibration isolation system that gives phenomenal lineshape stability and resolution for 1H as well as other X nuclei studies.  This spectrometer sports a user friendly 'Point and Click' IconNMR interface that makes the use of the system a breeze.  This increases throughput and affords optimal use of this wonderful resource.


  • Bruker AVANCE III console
  • 1H Frequency: 499.55 MHz
  • 2H field-frequency lock system
  • MAGNET and Shim system
    • Oxford narrow bore (54 mm) Cryomagnet
    • BOSS2 shim system
    • 28 RT shim gradients
    • BSMS software keyboard
    • TMC Vibration Isolation system
  • Host Operating System: CentOS 7
  • VT range: −15°C to +70°C (up to 12 hrs. at max temperature; higher temperatures possible for short durations)
  • RF Section
    • Three channels (SGU1, SGU2 and SGU3)
    • Three individual High Power Amplifiers : BLAH100/1000, BLAX300/1000 and BLAX500
    • HPPR/2 2H-STOP preamplifier.
    • Pulse shaping capability to design shaped and shifted RF pulses and gradient pulses.
  • Digital
    • True two channel Digital Quadrature Detection
    • 20 MHz sampling rate ADC - true Quadrature detection for all nuclei of interest including 13C, 19F and 31P. Excellent baseline characteristics and no baseline roll. 
    • Complete elimination of quadrature glitch and ghost artifacts.
    • Bruker GREAT 3/10-XYZ triple axis gradient system with 10A maximum current per channel.
    • Topshim gradient assisted shimming for all samples.
  • Software
    • Runs on TOPSPIN 3.6.3 and ICONNMR 5.0

Currently installed Probehead

Bruker triple resonance BBO : X { 1H } with Z-gradient

Other probeheads available:

  • Bruker triple resonance TBI : 1H {13C, X}  with Z-gradient
  • Bruker triple resonance HCP : 1H { 13C, 31P } with Z-gradient
  • Bruker triple resonance HCN : 1H{ 13C, 15N } with Z-gradient