Facility Announcements & Equipment Logbooks

Facility Announcements

The Chemistry NMR facility maintains an on-line Managers' bulletin-board where information about the status of the facility is posted. The facility managers use this bulletin board to disseminate information about instrument status (failures, repairs), probe changes, changes in facility policy, etc. Facility users may view the messages posted here by any of three different methods:

  1. The contents of the bulletin board can be viewed here.
  2. Users can receive all posted messages via an RSS feed by subscribing here.
  3. Users can receive all posted messages as email by subscribing to the "ChemistryNMR" UW Mailman mailing list here.

Equipment Logbooks

There is an on-line log book for each NMR spectrometer in the facility. The control computer for each instrument has a shortcut icon on the desktop for accessing the applicable log book. All facility users may post entries to the log books and view their contents. All posted entries are automatically emailed to the facility managers. All the log books can also be accessed here.

Users are encouraged to post an entry to the appropriate instrument log book whenever they encounter a technical problem with one of the facility instruments.