This high field instrument is specially equipped for high resolution solid state NMR studies though it can also perform solution state NMR studies with suitable probeheads and accessories. Currently this spectrometer has two MAS triple resonance solids probes that can receive 3.2 mm rotors and one twin X-channel MAS probe that can drive 2.5 mm rotors. This is the only solids capable spectrometer in the facility at present.

Console Hardware

  • Bruker AVANCE III console
  • 1H base frequency of operation : 700.18 MHz
  • VT range (with the included air chiller and dryer) : −80 C to +120 C
    • below 0 C requires a change of configuration
  • Three RF channels
  • Z-only gradient amplifier
  • Fully automated MAS controller capable of providing 24 kHz max spin rate with suitable rotor/probehead combination
  • Pneumatic MAS inject/eject sample transport system


  • Topspin 3.6
  • ATMA - Automatic Tuning and Matching interface for compatible probeheads
  • Topshim - Automatic 1D shimming and 3D gradient shimming in solution, when strong 1H signal is available
  • EDTE - Variable Temperature control interface delivers a precision of at least ±0.1°C


  • 1H{13C,15N} - MAS probe taking 3.2 mm rotors
  • 1H{13C,31P} - MAS probe taking 3.2 mm rotors
  • 1H-X-Y triple resonance MAS probehead accommodating 2.5 mm rotor delivering up to 24 kHz spin rate
  • 1H{13C,15N} solution state probehead with Z-gradient and ATMA accessory
  • 1H{X} solution state probehead with Z-gradient and ATMA accessory