The NEO500 is the newest addition to the NMR Facility, located in the adjacent room to BAG 37. (Entrance is through BAG 37.) The Avance NEO console is paired with a nitrogen-cooled Prodigy BB-H&F CryoProbe™ and a 24-sample Sample Case system.  This is the most sensitive walk-up instrument for proton and X-nucleus work.

This system is open for general use, after completion of a brief instrument-specific training session, scheduled as NEO500 training here.  This system uses the aforementioned 24-sample handling automation with an ICONNMR interface for easy through-put.

You can check the sample queue status remotely. Please pick up your daytime samples within 30 minutes of experiment completion and your nighttime queued samples by 10am the following day. Please bring no more than six (6) total samples to run at a time.

For publications using data from this instrument, please reference its funding grant, NIH S10 OD030224-01A1, in your acknowledgements.  This is vital for future instrument applications, not just for NMR!

If you wish to run experiments that are not available in automation, please speak with a facility manager, either to create a new automation setup or to assist you in person with manual runs.


  • Bruker AVANCE NEO console
  • 1H Frequency: 499.55 MHz
  • VT range: −40°C to +120°C
    • Restrictions:
      • Manager assistance required below -20℃
      • Experiments up to 12 hours and +60℃ acceptable. Higher temperature experiments require shorter duration. Please speak with an NMR Facility Manager for assistance.
  •  Topshim gradient assisted shimming for all samples.
  • Software: Runs on TOPSPIN 4.2.0 and ICONNMR
Date Performed By Probe 1H lineshape on
0.3% CHCl3 in Acetone-d6
1H lineshape on
0.3% CHCl3 in Acetone-d6
1H signal-to-noise
on 0.1% Ethylbenzene in CDCl3
13C  signal-to-noise on
40% p-Dioxane in C6D6
(ASTM std)
2024-Jan-09 AMR

Prodigy CryoProbe

50% : 0.50
.55% : 11.0
.11% : 21.3
50% : 1.01
.55% : 13.0
.11% : 21.4
1023.96 686.61