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AV301 is along with the AV300 are the primary workhorse instruments for fast, routine NMR.

  • Bruker AVance series instrument
  • 1H Frequency: 300.10 MHz
  • 2H field-frequency lock system
  • MAGNET and Shim system
    • Oxford Cryomagnet
  • Runs on Topspin 2.1 ‚Äì includes ShapeTool and NMRSim
  • Host Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3
  • VT range: +25C to + 70 C (limited observation time at highest temperature)
  • RF Section
    • Two channels (SGU1 and SGU2)
  • Data
    • Data is stored on individual user's udrive system.

Available Probes

  • BrukerPABBI-ATMA 1H {X-BB} - multinuclear
  • Bruker TXD: 19F {1H,13C}