Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry has an outstanding program in analytical chemistry, ranked among the top analytical programs in the nation. We have research strengths in the core measurement techniques (analytical spectroscopy, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, microfluidics, and separations) and many multidisciplinary areas, some of which are listed below. Research in this area provides critical tools for chemical analysis of living cells, biologically active molecules, reactive intermediates, metabolites, and surfaces/interfaces. Students in our program have developed new instruments (e.g. ion-mobility mass spec), novel diagnostic assays (e.g. newborn screening), new chemical measurements (e.g. fluorescence-enabled electrochemical microscopy, photodissociation action spectroscopy), and new data analysis (e.g. deep learning based chemical imaging). Our research groups have numerous collaborative projects with other researchers from across the UW and at other universities, national laboratories, international research institutes, and in industry. These multidisciplinary collaborative research projects provide our graduate students with opportunities to work with scientists in fields such as engineering, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, genome sciences, pediatrics, pathology etc., enhancing their overall educational experience and breadth of research expertise. As a result, our PhD graduates are in high demand in industry, academia, and government.

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See also: Biophysics, Chemical Biology, Physical Chemistry

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Gary Christian, Professor Emeritus
Jaromir (Jarda) Ruzicka, Professor Emeritus, Affiliate Professor of Oceanography, University of Hawaiʻi
Peter M. A. Sherwood, Affiliate Professor
William Zoller, Professor Emeritus

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